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The big sports competition: live versus fake

It’s been a nice habit recently to get up early and watch Wimbledon tennis before work. So it was frustrating this morning to find that the Sharapova-Lisicki match was nowhere to be found. I finally figured out why. NBC is … Continue reading

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A new advance for an old technology: steel

I’ve long been fascinated by the process of making steel and the huge role it played in the economic history of the world, when inventions like the Bessemer process made it economical to produce steel on a large scale. A … Continue reading

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Slash and crash

Beautiful big boats shredding SF Bay and nearly pitchpoling. Yeah!

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Climate change is now

Summer is here, and in many places people are feeling the heat. But a Stanford study says it will get worse. The study says that in the near future, in many places, the coolest summers will be hotter than the … Continue reading

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