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Skateboard thrills

Wow, pretty cool. via BoingBoing  

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Does exercise make you more or less hungry?

The NYTimes has a short entry about research on this question, which is one that has interested me for a while. Do people feel hungrier or less hungry after exercise (and why)? I have long been curious about his and … Continue reading

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Bees go to the pharmacy when sick

Interesting report out of North Carolina. Bees apparently bring anti fungal and antibacterial plant resins back to the hive when there is an infection.

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The link between imagination, sickle cell anemia and human success

On a beach run this morning I was listening to the Fresh Air interview with Jonah Lehrer, author of the book Imagine, which discusses how we get creative insights. Lehrer’s ideas about the nature of the creative process made me … Continue reading

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