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MIT camera records subtle changes in motion, color

This is an interesting story (via BoingBoing) of a new video technique from MIT that records very fast, subtle changes in motion or color from frame to frame, allowing you to see someone’s pulse or see the flush of blood … Continue reading

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Testing female athletes for “excess” testosterone

I see that the official international rules regarding who can and can’t compete continue to get more ridiculous. First, there was the ruling that Oscar Pistorius could run on prosthetic legs because no one could prove that he had any … Continue reading

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Telomeres in sperm lengthen with age

This BBC report is fascinating. As you get older, the protective caps at the end of the chromosomes, called telomeres, generally shorten. When they get short enough, the chromosomes stop dividing and cells stop replacing themselves. Except in sperm. They … Continue reading

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“Evils” of sugar roundup

In the Guardian there is a nice summary of the ideas about how sugar, not fat, causes obesity. I am in agreement. As always, I would like to point out something that many (such as Lustig) gloss over or outright … Continue reading

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