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Ubiquitous video and the passing of the kick-ass era

Looking at the videos of the Occupy Wall Street protest and in particular of the “pepper spray incident” I’m actually pretty hopeful. I think that it is now becoming clear to police departments and officers that there is very little … Continue reading

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Drug company cluelessness

I’m reading Mukherjee’s “Emperor of all Maladies, a biography of cancer” and am impressed yet again by the clueless nature of drug companies. So often the drug companies resist developing a drug that turns out to be a blockbuster, and … Continue reading

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How to run faster than you can run

The world racing authorities have decided that women’s running records have to be set in women-only races. That is to keep them from being paced by generally faster men. What difference should that make? Another recent study cited in the … Continue reading

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“Debriefing” after trauma actually increases PTSD

An interesting article in Scientific American about the change in how people are helped in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event. It used to be the standard practice (and still is, unfortunately, for some psychologists) to engage in a … Continue reading

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