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Inflammation and brain cells

A link between suicide and inflammation. There is more and more evidence that inflammation reduces neural reproduction and connection in clinically significant ways. Which is why I am taking a daily bit of NSAIDs like ibuprofen.   Clues in the … Continue reading

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How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity –

This is something I’ve always found true–the hubbub of a coffee shop gives just the right level of background noise–like white noise–so that you can tune it all out and concentrate. If things are too quiet, any little sound grabs … Continue reading

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Michael Douglas says cunnilingus gives you cancer – but is he right?

Oral cancer: another cancer ascribed to HPV infection. The statistic that jumped out at me was that there are almost as many people (men?) who get HPV related throat cancer as there are women who get HPV related cervical cancer.  … Continue reading

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