Lack of exercise is not the cause of the problem (but it is part of the solution)

Yet more evidence that a lack of exercise and energy expenditure is not the cause of the epidemic of obesity. This is part of the evidence that simply exercising more is not the answer to losing weight or reducing the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc. ┬áCalories are at the heart of the obesity epidemic, and I’m convinced that a large part of the problem is that people are used to keeping a consistently high level of glucose in the bloodstream through constant snacking and drinking sugary beverages (even sweet coffee).

Which is why lack of exercise is not really the root cause of obesity (although it a root cause of cardiovascular disorders), but it is part of the solution for dealing with metabolic syndrome and obesity. By training your body how to handle periods of low blood sugar that exercise induces, you are better able to handle the fasting that we should all be doing between meals, and better able to stop eating when we have eaten enough calories.

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